Practice Areas

Administrative Law

There is a whole other complicated layer of law that exists separately from the civil and criminal systems. It consists of regulatory and rule-making agencies, and in South Carolina there is an Administrative Law Court where anyone affected by an action of a state agency can seek relief.

At Willoughby & Hoefer, our experienced attorneys are well-versed in this area of the law, whether the issue is permitting, licensing, or administrative hearings. Whether you need to challenge or obtain a permit or license or if you wish to become involved as regulations covering your industry are developed, Willoughby & Hoefer can assist.

Our administrative law attorneys have significant experience in appearing before South Carolina's boards and commissions and the South Carolina Administrative Law Court, Circuit Court, Court of Appeals, and Supreme Court on administrative matters. Our lawyers have extensive experience working with administrative agencies with respect to legal rights and obligations, as well as drafting comprehensive administrative rules and regulations to govern their operations and practices.