Practice Areas

Business Law

At Willoughby & Hoefer, our attorneys have represented clients ranging from Fortune 500 firms to small businesses to sole proprietors. We have worked with companies involved in the supply and distribution chain - manufacturers, suppliers, resellers, distributors, agents, financing entities and end users - and across a number of sectors. We made it a point to understand our clients' operations. When executives hire us, they get more than lawyers. They get partners to work with them toward their goal of growing and prospering far into the future.

Our business law attorneys can help even if your business is little more than an idea. We can provide advice regarding sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, non-profit corporations, and trade associations. Our lawyers can help you explore the possibilities of each type of structure and assess the strengths and weaknesses that each might have with regard to your particular situation.

Once the business is established, we can provide ongoing corporate legal services. We help clients with shareholder and management relations, governance, and other corporate needs. We can help with structure and management issues, and we can aid in mergers and acquisitions when a business is ready to grow or dissolution if that step is in your best interests. Our experienced litigators are on hand, too, should the need for courtroom representation arise.