Practice Areas

Public Utilities Law

At local, state, and federal levels, Willoughby & Hoefer has represented clients requiring certificates, permits, or other approvals necessary for regulated industries to provide service to the public.

Our attorneys have experience in the complex regulatory process that governs public utilities, encompassing:

  • establishment or adjustment of rates and terms and conditions of service;
  • authorized territories for service;
  • changes to public utility operations;
  • compliance with regulatory standards; 
  • transfers of systems and territories; and
  • abandonment of the authorizations granted to a utility. 

We have worked with public utilities in self-audits that help them hold themselves accountable in a pro-active manner. We have also represented utility clients in various land use issues associated with the provision of utility service, including condemnation and right-of-way encroachment matters, as well as litigation matters involving disputes with respect to damage to property and injury to persons arising out of regulated operations.

Our lawyers have represented clients in various types of regulated industries, including electric, water and wastewater, natural gas, telecommunications, and transportation. We are familiar with the regulatory processes and know that laws, rules and regulations can change. We work diligently to keep up with those changes, so that we can provide clients with the representation they need.