Practice Areas

Taxation Law

Whether the case is before the Internal Revenue Service, the South Carolina Department of Revenue, local government, or in court, Willoughby & Hoefer has the experience necessary to handle disputes between taxpayers and taxing authorities in both administrative and court settings.

Our attorneys have handled a range of different matters, including property, corporate income, personal income, business license, and sales and use taxes. Our firm includes an attorney who is also licensed as a certified public accountant and another attorney who holds a master's of law in taxation - attorneys who have invested in their education so they can better meet client needs.

Willoughby & Hoefer's attorneys can help you in a number of ways no matter where you are in the process of complying with your tax obligations. We can advise you on how to structure your company to take advantage of available tax benefits. We have worked closely with businesses to minimize their tax burdens. We have represented clients during audits and appeals involving many different tax issues and have also helped resolve disagreements about property assessments. And we have worked represented taxpayers in tax disputes that have proceeded to court.